Our technology

What makes our technology different from other high shear homogenizers? We have focused on customers requiring nanoparticles in liquid solutions, and cell disruption, and created the best solution for their formulations.

With our proprietary Reaction Chambers, all of our processors deliver the same benefits to your formulation; improved stability, optimization, and guaranteed scaleup from research through production.

But our total package goes beyond our precision engineered hardware. Preventive Maintenance packages performed by people with decades of experience in maintaining high shear processors, and capabilities with process and formulation development help round out our stellar customer service offerings.

Yeast cell disruption, before (left) and after (right) ,95% breakage rate in 10 passes at 30,000 psi.


Reaction Chambers: Fixed Geometry

Our ShearJet Reaction Chambers force your product through microchannels the width of a human hair where your formulation is subjected to forces of shear and impact. The size and shape of these microchannels are configured to optimize different applications; the T chamber for emulsions, and the L chamber for dispersions and suspensions. And because there are no moving parts within these chambers, 100% of your formulation experiences the same forces, resulting in nanoemulsions, nanodispersions, and nanoencapsulations that have tight distribution, significantly increasing stability, and making your process repeatable and scaleable.


When scaling up, multiple channels are incorporated in parallel within the chamber to accommodate the increased volume, while ensuring all the formulation still experiences the same forces. This is how we guarantee scaleup from lab to production.