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Pick Up a Pilot Scale ShearJet High Shear Processor

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Are you ready for pilot or small production high shear processors for your nanoparticle formulation? We currently have ShearJet HP1200 processors built and on our floor and ready to go! First Come, First Served! See the specifications below.

HP1200-20 PH small.png

ShearJet® HP1200-20PH

Pilot scale pharmaceutical unit! Features and configuration include:  Process pressure 20 Kpsi, flow rate 1.5 Lpm, CIP by pass valves, process piping, product heat exchanger (tube and shell), sanitary diaphragm valves, RTD’s, integrated HMI, Electro-polish & passivation, turn over package, and Data Recorder for FDA compliance. We are putting the final touches on this machine now.


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ShearJet HP1200-20

non-pharma premium

This pilot scale machine operates with continuous flow! The features and configuration of this already-assembled homogenizer include: CIP by pass valve, product heat exchanger tube and shell, two RTD’s, integrated HMI, process pressure up to 20 Kpsi, flow rate 1.5 Lpm (at 20K psi), two Reaction Chamber modules, Modbus allowing for remote start and monitoring of pressure, temperature, and alarms via a SCADA or master HMI.

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