Markets that benefit from high shear processing.


​Consistent uniform particle size reduction (to nano sizes) allows the pharmaceutical industry to create far more stable products with targeted delivery.



Exemplary nanoemulsions, liposomes, and biochemical cell disruption within the chemical industry lead to products with longer shelf-life and stable formulations.

Food / Nutraceutical

​Much advancement has come to fruition in the past decade incorporating nanoemulsions, nanodispersions and encapsulation in the food and beverage industries. These have allowed for targeted delivery of bioactives, longer shelf life, enhanced flavor/aroma, and improved mouth-feel with fat reduction.


​Gentle, productive cell disruption is vital to the biotech industry to study and use the intercellular materials. Demand for these materials is on the increase as they are used in other industries as well, including pharmaceutical, agriculture, and bio-services.

Personal Care / Cosmeceuticals


Nanotechnology allows cosmetics to deliver benefits to a targeted depth, and to eliminate unwanted side affects, like the white coating in sunscreen.


While cannabis nanoparticle research is in its infancy, high shear processing is a superior method of increasing bioavailability, and achieving stable formulations.

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