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Dyhydromataics Announces Quiet, Small Footprint High Shear Fluids Laboratory Processor


Dyhydromatics, LLC, has developed an electric-hydraulic high shear fluids processor with quiet operation, and the smallest footprint on the market to help in laboratories where counter space is at a premium.

"We manufactured several advantages into the ShearJet HL60," stated David Hunter, President and CEO of Dyhydromatics. "We have the advantage of performing service on multiple brands of equipment, so we know what works and what doesn't, and what causes our customers the most inconvenience. Along with feedback from our customer base, years of experience in engineering and design went directly into the HL60, enhancing features and making it very easy to use for an overall improved product experience."

The ShearJet HL60 processor saves material costs due to its low dead volume and minimized seal and connection points. The system reduces clogging issues within its unique design, and because of its fixed geometry Reaction Chambers,® nearly 100% of the product is exposed to the same forces of shear, leading to consistent, uniform results.

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