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ShearJet High-Shear Processors

WIth our fixed geometry high shear processors, our customers can significantly reduce particle size and achieve uniform particle size distributions. The ability to create innovative products with uniform, unprecedented nanoparticles allows our customers to stay ahead of their competition, and develop new and improved products.


Small Volume ShearJet HL60 V2

The Dyhydromatics ShearJet HL60 V2 processor is our R & D workhorse. It is an electric hydraulic driven processor designed for volumes ranging from 3 mL to 500 mL and beyond. Pressures range from 5,000 to 30,000 psi. Each stroke is 1 mL which generates a flow rate of 68 mL/min. Our product heat exchanger provides superior cooling via a chiller. The small footprint and quiet operation saves valuable lab space and the need for hearing protection. Its robust design allows continuous operation at maximum pressure. Our uniquely designed HMI provides process parameters including; process pressure, process duration (in pulse or cycle modes), product temperature and data acquisition. The drive pump is designed to provide an optimal pressure profile when paired with our Reaction Chamber module. This combination will process products consistently and repetitively.

Watch this brief video to see

how easy the ShearJet HL60

is to operate.

cell lysis

Medium Volume ShearJet PL300

PL300 Homogenizer

The ShearJet PL300 processor is a small pneumatic driven processor which is available in non-pharma and pharma versions. Both processors generate pressure up to 23,000 psi with a stroke volume of 6 mL. The non-pharma model handles a sample size of 45 mL and up. The pharma model handles a sample size of 70 mL and up. Flow rates range from 300 to 450 mL/min. Our Simple feed jacketed heat exchanger (non-pharma) and tube and shell heat exchanger (pharma) require a chiller. Quick disconnect cooling water connections make setup easy. Our drive pump is equipped with a ceramic plunger and view port isolator. The Reaction Chamber set will process products consistently and repetitively.


Pilot Scale HP1200 Series


Our small but powerful workhorse! The HP1200 V2 series are stand-alone continuous use pilot scale electric hydraulic driven processors. It is available in non-pharma and pharma versions. Standard features include; feed pump, ceramic plungers, flushed diaphragm process pressure transducer, tube and shell heat exchanger (non-pharma and pharma versions), integrated HMI with multi-level user interface allows the operator to monitor and program pressure, product temperature, volume processed, process duration, and alarms (data recording for 21CFR Part 11compliance is available), two RTD, FAT and SAT documentation and execution (IQ/OQ documentation is available), onsite start up and operator training, tools and spare parts. The Non-pharma Premium version includes added items; CIP bypass for heat exchanger, chamber backflush, data recording for 21CFR Part 11 compliance, one more RTD, and product outlet temperature control. The Pharma version includes added features such as; Sanitary feed pump, chamber backflush is available, the product path is electropolished and passivated (with documentation), and USP Class VI plastics and elastomers (with documentation). The Pharma Premium version adds to the Pharma features; CIP bypass for heat exchanger, one more RTD, product outlet temperature control, Heat exchanger is drainable, and IQ/OQ documentation. The HP1200 V2 processor operates at pressures from 3,000 to 10K, 20K and 30K psi using Reaction Chamber modules. This combination will process products consistently and repetitively. Process volumes from 250 mL to 150 liters and up at flow rates of 1L – 3.5L/min (model and Reaction Chamber module dependent). Added features are quick disconnect coolant connections (stainless steel for pharma), casters for mobility between suites, a small footprint and quiet operation (70 db).


Additional Product Offerings

  • In-line fluid analyzer

  • Simple feed product line

  • Chillers

  • Feed pumps (see below)

  • Small skid systems (see below)

  • Recirculation options

  • Reservoirs (pressure feed, dip tube, and open reservoirs - both pharma and non-pharma grade)

  • Sanitary diaphragm valves

Pressure gauge
Skid System

Feed and skid systems

Are you ready for a completely integrated solution?

Let us design a complete turnkey system to improve your upstream and downstream process that will improve your results, reduce your maintenance costs and extend your machine’s usable life.

Dyhydromatics will assist you with integration of your existing high pressure processor into an optimized, streamlined processing system with product tanks, premixing systems, feed pumps, flow monitoring and all necessary sensors. Control methods can be completely manual, semi-automatic or fully automated controls with touchscreen HMI. Upstream and downstream processing equipment available.

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