Delphi Scientific

Thomai “Mimi” Panagiotou, Ph.D., Co-Founder, President and CEO

Prof. Robert Fisher, Co-Founder, virtual CTO

Delphi Scientific utilizes particle engineering to enhance or enable the delivery of pharmaceuticals and biologics. The company employs a novel and proprietary toolbox that includes award-winning technologies, and is used to affect all critical aspects in the development and production of formulations with nano- and micron- size particles: (a) material/chemistry, (b) process integration, and (c) customized hardware for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Key areas of our expertise include:

  • Formulation development

  • Suspensions, emulsions, liposomes, polymer particles, crystalline and amorphous particles

  • Process development and scale up

  • Homogenization, nanoemulsions, microencapsulation, cell rupting, aseptic processing, crystallization, spray drying, nanoencapsulation, reaction and transport processes

  • CMC, regulatory compliance, continuous manufacturing and PAT control

  • Control release from combination products

  • Micro-reactor technology

  • Intellectual property


Delphi Scientific has had close collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Past expertise includes development and manufacturing of a wide variety of formulations in terms of indication, delivery method and types of materials, including:

  • Cancer drugs, vaccines, anesthetics, oculars, anti-inflammatory/NSAIDs

  • Injectables, inhalables, ocular, transdermals, orals

  • Small molecules, biologics, nucleic acid therapeutics

  • Micro-into-macro for medical devices and nutrition


More information about Delphi Scientific may be obtained by calling them at 617-669-5910.


Corporate Headquarters:

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