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Your latest product results demand the most effective high pressure processing equipment, Dyhydromatics processors are your answer. No other processing equipment or on-site service teams perform for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, personal care and food industries like Dyhydromatics does. Nanoemulsions, Nanodispersions, Microencapsulation or high yield cell rupturing with maximum bioavailability is the standard practice of Dyhydromatics technology. Click our Equipment link for more information.

Dyhydromatics' commitment to exceptional work quality, long lasting replacement components, and the personal care of you and your equipment (as if it were our own) are second to no one. Dyhydromatics can service and recondition equipment manufactured by; Microfluidics, GEA Niro, Avestin, BEEI, Constant Systems, SPX Gaulin and Rannie, Stansted and others. Click our Service or Parts link for the whole story.

Dyhydromatics offers our clients a combined 65 years of extensive hands-on practical experience with high pressure equipment and product processing to help you shorten your manufacturing cycles and minimize machine downtime. Dyhydromatics Technology Testing in our laboratory (or yours) will show you how Dyhydromatics technology can enhance your product performance.

Our Field Service team also offers on-location operator and basic maintenance team training as part of each Preventive Maintenance Service visit. If a more complete training experience is desired ask us about our full day training capability.
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Bringing a new high pressure processing machine online is never easy. I was totally unfamiliar with our unit & didn’t know where to begin or even what questions to ask. Fortunately for our company, that's where Dyhydromatics came in. Our Field Service Technician did everything – in just a few hours he carried out a complete preventive maintenance on our purchase & then took the time to instruct me on its operation. The best part was that I knew I could completely trust their Technician to fully restore the functionality of our processor -- with over 45 years of practical experience with high pressure processing equipment they know what they’re doing! I would recommend Dyhydromatics w/o any reservation whatsoever to anyone who has high pressure processing equipment that needs to be maintained & processing that requires optimization.

J. Kendall Killgore

Director, Product Development

Kereos, Inc.

Processing Equipment & Parts company

Processing Equipment & Parts company






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